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Over 90 years

Locally grown - international success.


Careers at Euscher

We are among the leading European manufacturers of high precision deep drawn parts and complex components made from a wide variety of metals. Our workers uphold our outstanding reputation through their inventiveness, sense of team spirit and high level of dedication to the company, and work hard to further consolidate and expand our position on the market.
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Guided by values

We focus on performance and a sense of responsibility.



We are "Die visionären Tiefzieher": we produce highly complex shapes ready to use with a single process. We will make deep drawn parts to specification in a variety of shapes and quantities, from a wide range of materials. We continuously push the limits of materials, tools and machinery for the best results.

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Think tank

We inspire by means of innovative products and processes.



Leitende Mitarbeitende aus Produktion, Vertrieb und Ausbildung berichten in unserem neuen Video.

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