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Why Euscher?

A successful company history of over 90 years, innovative products and fascinating technology: There are many good reasons to join Euscher. But our company makes an even bigger difference … 


We’re an innovative, medium-sized family business with a straightforward organisation: You’re always close to the action and can handle responsibility. At Euscher there’s a clear career path with many opportunities to advance. Many of those, who, for example successfully complete their training as a toolmaker with our company, are now working in engineering, have taken on leadership roles or are working in sales and are in direct contact with the customer. 

So it pays to seize the chance to become actively involved in our team.

Employment conditions.

Great benefits and standard wages: At our company, these employment conditions are standard. And we also ensure relaxing breaks: In our cafeteria you will find room to eat, relax or surf the web.


Joining our company starts with a structured orientation: We will introduce you to our variety of products and show you what’s important in your new job. And of course your co-workers will be happy to have you on their team and will ensure you feel comfortable and quickly become a true Euscheran. 

Independent family business.

From a one-man operation to a solid medium-sized family business with about 250 employees: that’s the short version of the Euscher success story. We’ve been successful in the market as a family business for over 90 years, with the third generation now on the executive board. And we keep growing – by our own efforts: By 2024 we want to become the global technology leader in our field. 


Leaving a positive impression – it pays: Showing dedication and knowledge as well as blood, sweat and tears means you can accomplish more. Our career model clearly outlines the prospects. 

Product diversity.

We produce 1.8 billion parts per year. For the automotive industry, the electronics and electrical industry, manufacturers of white goods, the cosmetics industry and many other industries.

Team spirit.

East Westphalians are stubborn? Not really. We welcome new co-workers warmly: Everybody connects quickly at our company. We’re a multicultural team and support each other. This team spirit is seen at all company levels.


What makes this established technology so sustainable? The low material consumption, which is good for the environment and reduces costs. Or the procedure which yields precise, high-quality results even with complex shapes. The large variety of applications – and the consistent production across production lines. 

Environmental protection.

We’re well aware of the responsibility we as a business have to our employees, the environment and future generations and fulfil it through sustainable management and our comprehensive environmental management system. And we go above and beyond current legal regulations and requirements and continue to further our commitment in the interest of continuous improvement.

Pleasant city.

Bielefeld – that’s not even a city, is it? Of course: It’s been around for over 800 years. Directly next to the Teutoburg Forest a lively university town of about 330,000 with a medieval castle and striking historic town centre awaits you. The true people of Bielefeld swear by it. Because Bielefeld is not too small and not too big and offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Because this city offers lots of green space and waterways. Because it has numerous leisure options and lively clubs and societies. And because it’s a perfect place for families.