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The Do Your Own Thing test.

School is almost finished. You’re wondering which job training is right for you? Take this quick test to learn if our technical jobs are right for you and the strengths you can add to your training. After all we want you to recognise your potential and what you enjoy. To ensure you will have a job you’re actually interested in!

What do you enjoy:  

  • Do you enjoy maths?
  • Do you love physics?  
  • Or is your strength in logistics?  
  • Do you have a soft spot for cars and electronics?  
  • Is it easy for you to meet new people?  
  • Or do you enjoy tinkering about?  
  • Are you a perfectionist?  
  • Do you keep at it if things aren’t going well?  

Thumbs up on all questions? Then you should apply for a toolmaker or cutting machine operator job with us!