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We inspire by means of innovative products and processes.

Euscher has extraordinary expertise in high-precision deep drawn metal parts and components. We have been proving our innovative capacities and expertise again and again for over 90 years. We are also happy to develop bespoke products for you – or to bring your specifications to serial production in an organised manner. And therefore virtually anything is possible: Years of experience in this specific market area and an open-minded attitude allow for the most diverse solutions within an extremely large range of parts.  

Every high-volume production is optimally tailored to your needs. The Euscher team will even use unconventional technological methods to achieve this: We’ll even produce extremely complex shapes quickly. Additional operations for manufacturing the desired shape are typically integrated into the processes. Supplying you with extremely precise products manufactured reliably and cost-effectively. Parts which can then straight away be processed further.  

With everything we do, we think and operate as a family run business. You can expect tolerance, an open-minded attitude, reliability and a sense of responsibility from us. Locally grown - worldwide success: Our customers in Germany, Europe and around the world appreciate it!

Euscher. Die visionären Tiefzieher.