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Inspire, support and win.

Highly complex and specific deep drawn parts can only be manufactured with an experienced and knowledgeable team: Our performance is based on the special skills of our employees!

In order to also secure and protect this wealth of experience for the future we set great score on training the younger generation. We provide our trainees with profound insights into practical experience very early on and introduce them to the art of precision deep drawing.

As a family business we further show young people it’s worth taking on responsibility and becoming involved. We offer trainees excellent opportunities for their professional future. Our career model describes specific individual grow opportunities: Once added to our team we have an orientation phase during which junior employees expand their expertise. This then opens up new opportunities for them – a career ladder with substantial levels.

We’re further involved in supporting the youth in their career choices, getting them interested in the dual education system and ideally have them join our company. Some examples of our involvement are listed here.